I have vivid memories of going around the dinner table massaging my family member’s shoulders at only 5 years old. I noticed the struggles these family members were going through trying to balance work and home life. I recognized this tension in people’s bodies before I even knew what it was. It wasn't until many years later after being trained in yoga, meditation and massage therapy that I realized what I was picking up on.


I was first introduced to yoga in 2011 while pursuing an acting career.  It was advised to me by my acting coach to help calm my nerves and teach me how to be more subtle and still on camera.

I remember leaving my 1st class feeling lighter than I had ever felt before. All my joints felt opened and at ease. I was hooked. It wasn't long before I found Vinyasa yoga through a mutual friend in musical theater, who taught at a local yoga studio. I began taking classes daily. My posture changed. I became leaner and more flexible. My state of mind was calmer. A year into religiously taking classes I began to consider making a career out of teaching. It seemed like it was the next day I was sitting in my first yoga teacher training at the Yoga Institute under Lex Gillian. I gravitated towards the breathing aspects of yoga immediately. After years of operatic training and theatrical projection I noticed many similarities. Not to mention I always struggled as a child with breathing. I was a very sick kid suffering from debilitating allergies that left me so congested I ended up creating horrible breathing habits as a result. After graduating with my 200hr. certification I was off to the races teaching up to 15 classes a week at multiple studios. One of which was Cherry Blossom Yoga. A year into teaching at Cherry Blossom I was given the opportunity to receive training from the owner Sara Turk, which was extremely humbling. To this day she has taught me to always be a student, that there is always more to learn. I became obsessed with the physical practice. My focus was the art of transitioning, creating more and more fluid and dance-like sequences. Over the years my attention began to shift from pursuing an acting career to teaching full time and constantly craving more knowledge.


In early 2016 I suffered a severe knee injury which required surgery and months of rehabilitation. It was during this time I received training to become a licensed massage therapist.  The following year the same injury occurred once again, requiring yet another surgery. The culmination of bed rest, rehab, and an unfamiliar sedentary lifestyle required for recovery forced me to address some emotional and mental troubles I had unconsciously been avoiding. It was during this time I reevaluated my approach towards how I practiced and taught. I relearned physical movement entirely, focusing on functionality above all else. I began looking at the other aspects of yoga that are seldom talked about. I honed in on breathwork even more during this time making it a pivotal part of my practice and teaching. I look at the physical postures as a means to breathing better. My mission is to provide an opportunity for people to heal themselves of chronic pain and stress both physically and mentally, so they feel a sense of control over the quality of their own life.