Do you suffer from headaches and Migraines on the regular? Do you ever find yourself throughout the day unconsciously clenching your teeth or do you grind at night preventing yourself from getting deep sleep? Do you suffer from sinus congestion and constantly find it difficult to breathe through your nose? All of these issues and many more can be the result of a habitual tension in the head, face, and neck. This session will include a head, neck, and scalp massage as well as breathing exercises to open up the airways and teach us to keep these areas of the body relaxed at all times.

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Shoulders/Upper Back

Do you suffer from pain in the upper back, around the shoulder blades. Have you found a lose of mobility in the thoracic spine? Do you notice your shoulders raised or slouching? Do you find it difficult to take a full breath and expand your chest. These issues can stem from a chronic tightness in the upper back and shoulders as well as a restriction in the pectoral muscles in the chest. In this session we'll work to loosen up these areas for more mobility in the upper torso. Which will allow for the chest to expand giving you more space to breathe deeper.

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Low Back/Hips

Do you work at a desk. Do you sit or stand for extended periods of time throughout the day uninterrupted? Do you feel pain at the base of your spine when you move around? Do you feel numbness or tingling in your legs and feet. This may be a result of a compressed spine, and tight hips. In this session we'll work the mobility of the hips, which may include stretching the legs and massaging the feet, and lengthen the spine through twisting. We will also release the Psoas and abdominals allowing the lumbar spine and hips to fall back into alignment.

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